Assembly - Complete or Short Block

Hines Computer Balancing

Block Work:

    Sleeve Installation
    Installation of 4 Bolt Main Caps (Splayed)
    Line Hone
    Line Bore
    Pressure Test
    O-Ring Installation
    Clearance for Strokers
    Square Block (Set Deck Height)

    Cylinder Hone with or without Torque Plate

    Cylinder Boring

    Lifter Bore Bushings (with BHJ Fixture)

Rod Work:

    Bore Rod for Pin Bushing Conversion
    Installation of Pin Bushing
    Recondition Rods
    Press Pistons On & Off Rods


    Jet Washing
    Shot Blast
    Glass Bead


Head Work:

    Install Valve Seats
    Valve Jobs
    Install Valve Guides
    Hone Valve Guide to Size
    Cut Valve Seats
    Grind Valves
    Bowl Blend Intake & Exhaust Ports
    Surface Heads
    Surface Intake Manifolds
    Pressure Test Heads
    O-Ring Heads
    CC Heads
    Angle Mill
    Blend Plenum on Manifold
    Port Match Manifold
    Polish Combustion Chamber
    Machine for Screw-In Studs & Plates
    Cut for Viton Seals (PC Style)

Crank Work:

    Grind & Polish
    Chamfer Oil Holes
    Grind Strokers

Miscellaneous Services:

    Drill & Tap Holes
    Drill & Tap for Lifter Scavenge
    Dyno Service
    Sonic Test Block
    Fly Cut Pistons
    Grind Flywheels
    Rebuild Carbs


    Helicoil Bolt Holes


If you do not see something, please feel free to contact us.

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