Domhoff Racing Engines a.k.a. Domhoff Automotive Machine is a family owned performance based machine shop located in Harmony, PA. Domhoff Racing Engines #1 concern is the customer's best interests when it comes to building a reliable, winning engine.

Doug Domhoff

Doug Domhoff is the founder of Domhoff Racing Engines. He laid the ground work for the winning race engines while drag racing on the local level in 1966, and then retiring from the national level in 1997. He supported his own race team by building engines for other teams. He decided in 1984 to turn his engine building into a full time business. After taking early retirement as a truck driver, Doug's father, Oscar, joined the business as a crankshaft grinding specialist. Doug's son, Shawn, has been building engines with his father since he was about 13 years old. Today, Doug concentrates on research and development and the dyno side of the business while Shawn continues the engine building. Jared, Doug's oldest grandson, has started to show interest in the engine building and will begin his training this year by assisting his Uncle Shawn with the engine and body maintenance on Shawn's race team.

Shawn Domhoff

In 1998 we expanded the existing facility from 2000 sq ft to over 3000 sq ft for the new DTS Dyno testing room. The dyno was probably the best equipment investment made since it can be used for R&D as well as helping our customers save hours in fine tuning the engine to the car.

Many of our customers accomplishments include the following:

    Multiple Track Championships (Dirt)
    Multiple Class Winners (various types of racing)
    Multiple IHRA & NHRA National Record Holders
    2002 World Bracket Finals Champion

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